Quality Benchmark
Rice Procurement
The first and most critical step towards total quality management is procurement of rice because we believe that milled rice as good as the paddy that is procured. We have the most proficient team and machines to test and grade the harvest for moisture content, head rice yield, percentage of broken and admixtures, and the length and breadth of the grain. only paddy that conforms to the Modern quality standards is sent for storage and processing.
Technology Standards
Modern Rice & General Mills maintains world-class quality standards in all areas of its operations. The company procures the best quality of paddy and processes it using state-of-the-art technology. The company has the maximum ability to mature basmati rice thereby ensuring quality. The experienced professionals extensively analyze the quality standards in different locations of the world and ensure that the finest quality of Basmati rice is processed and branded by Modern Rice & General Mills. The company has the latest sorting and grinding capability.

By productive use of all the available resources, the company reduces its cost of production and presents the products to its clients at the most competitive prices. With its wide network, the company is capable of procuring the best quality of paddy. It offers the premium quality rice matured from 18- 24 months. With the best flavor and fragrance, Modern Rice & General Mills presents the Basmati rice of the best quality.

Modern Rice & General Mills has invested a significant amount in its processing, and research facilities. Experienced professionals are at work with dedication to enhance the quality matching the international standards.

Quality Standards
At the Modern Rice & General Mills, the distinct aroma, length and colour of every separate grain is to specified standards of basmati rice. All the rice undergoes stringent quality tests before they are shipped to our esteemed customers. We ensure that every grain is fine, silky smooth and pearl white.

From procurement to storage to milling, until the final packaging, there are stringent quality checks at every step. The company uses the latest available methodologies and software in order to monitor the quality of input as well as output. Efforts are made to enhance the process efficiencies through continuous research and development. This is the reason that the company has been able to retain long standing relationships with their clients and add new ones to their charter.

We use specialised milling techniques for processing value added rice. And this greatly enhances the company's stance as a leading player in the rice processing sector, and give them additional edge to offer their customers a better product.