Our Management
A highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals form a formidable back-up at Modern Rice & General Mills to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services in precision to the discerning buyer. All operations are constantly monitored and managed by this finely honed and experienced group which ensures that the Company retains and excels further in building up its reputation as an internationally known rice milling company.
Vinod Malik
A well known personality with finance acumen, well experienced and able to understand various qualities of rice and paddy. He is a recognized person in rice international trade since three decades, born and brought up in rice growing trade belt i.e. Taraori (Karnal). He has helped many rice exporters to reach new heights by supplying, guiding, hedging risk of trade with advance commitment and fulfilled the same. Renovated existing rice mill to most modern U.S FDA standards. His committment and quality has earned him a good reputation among the Saudi Arabia and U.A.E big buying houses.

He has been constantly gaining popularity in the international market with his high quality marketing strategies in rice exports. His workforce is working round the clock deploying all resources to produce rich quality traditional basmati rice as well as 1121 basmati. Since, his inception, he has always maintained excellent standards of quality rice.

Devraj Malik
He is responsible for production activities. He has been instrumental in setting up of the procurement and distribution networks which are one of the largest in the Basmati rice industry. He has also formulated the quality policy for the company, which is the basis for all our processes.

He is responsible for management and administrative activities at the production level. He is responsible for the coordination between the various factory divisions and also acts as the coordinator with key customers. It is his responsibility to ensure that the company is in a position to deliver finished products to the customers in accordance with the projections provided by the marketing team.