Our Brands
An international brand with millions of happy customers across the globe.Bul-Bul Basmati Rice is a perfect combination of nature's gift manufactured to perfection,with an aromatic fusion like no other.We use our experience & expertise to bring perfection in every Bul-Bul pack.The most premium quality Basmati rice being uniformly packed in each bag ensures a standardised product.Each bag offers the same exotic flavour and richer & nuttier taste to make every meal delicious.

It is excellent in any savoury rice dish & is perfect for countless rice recipes across the globe making it the most sociable rice.Along with the lovely taste,it is full of genuine goodness because of nutritional factors like Gluten free,Cholesterol free,low in fat & low to medium level of Glycemic Index etc.

The distinct aroma is enhanced by the fact that we age our Basmati rice for years & we make sure that only the finest Basmati makes it into the Bul-Bul bags.
Available in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg packings.

A Basmati rice brand with a distinctive identity all over the world.The presence of magnificent aroma & pleasant taste makes it special rice & combines beautifully with a multitude of dishes.
We use our expertise to give perfection in every pack.
A Basmati rice variant with the world’s finest basmati rice grains.
The pressence of natural aroma and goodness of basmati rice makes it perfect for countless rice recipes.
Future Plans
Modern Rice & General Mills endeavours to strengthen its relationship with everyone associated with the company. It has equipped itself with powerful strategies to face any challenge in the future. Our vast network helps the company to acquire superior standards in the global market.

There is a huge demand for parboiled rice in the Gulf and this will be a major driving force behind the company's exports in the coming year. Modern Rice & General Mills is fully equipped to capitalize on the growing demand of basmati rice. Our marketing strategies is to enhance our sales by sharing information with our buyers and educating them about the extra long 1121 basmati rice.